Clinics We Offer

a baby lying on a bed
  • Baby Clinic- Six week checks every Tuesday
  • Antenatal Clinic- Monday by appointment
  • Family Planning- Any nurse clinic
  • New Patient Health Checks- Are not being conducted at present due to the effects of COVID-19
  • Nurse Clinics- Monday to Friday for chronic diseases, family planning and sexual health, vaccinations, dressings, lifestyle and dietary advice
  • Healthy Lifestyle Advice - Find your ideal weight with the nurse
  • Help with Addiction – see the nurse/healthcare assistant
  • Cervical Smear Tests- every three years with the nurse
  • Breast Checks and Cancer Awareness– with the doctor/nurse
  • Contraceptive Advice– including family planning and morning after pill. See the nurse or Family Planning Clinic, pharmacist or doctor
a necklace hanging on a wall
  • Pregnancy Tests- abortion advice also available via the pharmacist/nurse
  • Starting a Family- advice before you get pregnant with the nurse/health visitor
  • Baby and Child Care– including family diet and excise, childhood immunisation, baby checks and hearing tests. Advice available from the health visitors
    (020 7739 1972/8859), at the Baby Clinic and from the nurse
  • Phlebotomy Service: We have our own experienced phlebotomist to run phlebotomy clinic in our practice.
  • Blood pressure and general checks– with the nurse/healthcare assistant
  • Dressings, Removal of Stitches and Incontinence– see the nurse
  • Psychologist- By appointment via GP
  • Sexual Diseases, HIV/AIDS– see the doctor/nurse or visit the Ambrose King Centre, telephone 020 7377 7307